Shall We Dance?

Catherine and Joseph met on the dance floor over 20 years ago. They both love lindy hop and all things swing. They soon realized that they also shared a love for meaningful, timeless design, so they decided to combine Catherine’s decades-long success in the apparel industry with Joseph’s penchant for engineering and spatial relationships and created their first home decor pieces. The Russell Sutter brand grew from there!

Catherine Schmetter (Owner/Co-founder) – Catherine is an accomplished fine artist and apparel designer with over 30 years of experience. Her work has been featured in HARPERS BAZAAR, LUCKY, COSMOPOLITAN, and IN STYLE as well as television and film. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and the elements which formed the foundation of her fine arts training remain integral to her design process today. After enjoying a long love affair with fabric, embellishment, detail and color as a fashion designer, Catherine now explores these elements while designing Russell Sutter with partner and fellow artist, Joseph Palmer.

Joseph Palmer (Owner/Co-founder) – After spending decades as a highly successful professional dancer, choreographer and performer, Joseph then successfully transitioned into the world of web design and visual presentation. Given his mastery of line, balance, movement and composition in the performing arts, moving into digital, and product design was inevitable and seamless. Co-founding RS allows Joseph to follow his passion for collaboration and experimentation in various mediums. His ability to see pieces from concept through engineering phases and final execution means endless possibilities for the RS product range!

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