Decorating with Silver Tones for a Luxurious Jazz Age Feel

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Decorating with Silver Tones for a Luxurious Jazz Age Feel

At RS, we always look for the silver lining! Silver tones have the ability to instantly bring an air of sophistication and elegance to any space. From ethereal tones emitted from cut glass sconces, to eye-catching metallic fringe – silver can be used in many different ways to create a luxurious feel. There is something magical about silver tones! Whether it’s the ethereal tones emitted from cut glass sconces, the eye-catching shimmer of metallic fringe, or the brilliance of bugle beads, silver tones evoke sophistication and elegance. At RS, We love to use these elements to create a mood of jazz age elegance. Let’s talk about what makes silver such a great accent color, and how you can use it in your decorating!

Why Silver is so Popular

Silver has been a popular decorative material for centuries. It adds an unmistakable feeling of luxury and finesse to a room. Its reflective properties also add light and depth to the space, making it look larger than it actually is. This makes it an ideal choice for small rooms that need some extra sparkle or glamour. When used as an accent color alongside neutrals like white or grey, silver creates an elegant yet modern space that looks timeless and inviting.

Using Silver In Your Home Decor

There are many different ways you can incorporate silver into your home decor. For example, using embossed metallic leather on furniture or incorporating pearlized metallic threads in embroideries will add texture and shine to your room without overwhelming it with too much sparkle. You can also make use of bugle beads or crystals if you want something more subtle but still glamorous. And don’t forget about the classic diamond – nothing says luxurious like a few dazzling diamonds set into the walls of your living room!

Whatever route you choose when it comes to incorporating silver tones into your home decor, the effect will be one of breathtaking beauty and sophistication. Whether you opt for subtle accents or bold statements, adding touches of silver is guaranteed to turn heads and leave guests in awe of your design choices! So why not give yourself the royal treatment by adding some silver accents today? Let us help you create something truly unique! With RS on your side, you can be sure that your designs will always have a little extra sparkle!

You won’t regret it!

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